Donna's Blog
  • With this issue, we want to honor our daughter Kristi who died twelve years ago in an auto accident. She was the catalyst that started us on this soul journey and brought so much light into our lives. As we look back on the past twelve years, we marvel at where we were and at […]

Foodie Corner
  • There is something truly magical about cured meats. The idea that the meat is safe to eat, even though no heat has been used to cook it, intrigues me. The whole process always seemed so complicated in my mind. The truth is that it’s actually quite simple. All it takes is salt and time. Salt […]

Green Living
  • More and more butterflies are becoming endangered as they fall prey to pesticides and as more open spaces are lost to development, yet they play a critical role in maintaining the health of our environment. Not only do they help pollinate, but they provide food for other animals. Here’s what you can do to help […]

New Perspectives
  • by Phyllis Light, PhD We are in an intense period of personal and spiritual growth, beginning May, 2012 and continuing through December, 2015. Many people are feeling extremely tired these days. Some are “not feeling like their normal selves” and wondering what’s wrong with them. Many are dealing with a resurgence of old problems and […]

  • by Phyllis Kennemer “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:31 When Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” he was telling us to start with self-love. We often ignore that piece of his wise counsel and twist it to mean, love others more than ourselves. That is not what he said. He expected us to […]

  • Quite a craze has hit the nation in recent months: bone broth has been touted by doctors, nutritionists and athletes as a great tonic for healing a leaky gut. Bone broth bars have sprung up in New York City, Portland, and cities in between. Is it true? Does bone broth heal a leaky gut? What’s […]

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