Donna's Blog
  • Have you ever noticed how much stuff we have? Gadgets for this and tools for that, clothes we don’t even wear, the latest toys that sit unplayed with, and big houses filled with more stuff. We are jealous of other people’s stuff and tend to feel less than if someone has more stuff than us. […]

Foodie Corner
  • By Alan Roettinger As a private chef, I was privileged to observe the wealthy, powerful and famous up close. I discovered that although they never – ever – had to eat anything they didn’t like, some of them actually had surprisingly simple tastes. What surprised me even more was that during the holidays, nearly every […]

Green Living
  • By Donna Mazzitelli It’s the time of year when shopping malls are crowded. Everyone seems to be out searching for holiday gifts, whether at six in the morning or midnight. Yet the more we acknowledge the environmental impacts of consumerism and the unfortunate disposable shopping culture that engulfs us, the less comfortable we may feel […]

New Perspectives
  • By Denee Jordan Already Well is a simple, yet profound perspective on wellness that focuses on developing respect and compassion for ourselves exactly as we are. When we able to do that our Spirit naturally emerges to manage our lives and make contentment, healing and prosperity possible. Our self-acceptance is the precursor to our success. […]

  • By Phyllis K. Kennemer Writing articles for Bella Spark Magazine for the past eight years has contributed to my life in many positive and joyful ways. My life has been enriched through my experiences with researching intriguing topics, interviewing interesting people, interacting with my writers’ group, and writing, writing, writing. As I have been reviewing […]

  • by Toni Toney Thirty-three years ago Toni Toney was hospitalized with a deadly bacterial infection that almost took her life. After listening to the advice of a friend and understanding that a complete dietary change could possibly save her, Toni checked herself out of the hospital and into nature’s hospital where nature could heal her […]

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