Donna's Blog
  • With this issue, we want to honor our daughter Kristi who died twelve years ago in an auto accident. She was the catalyst that started us on this soul journey and brought so much light into our lives. As we look back on the past twelve years, we marvel at where we were and at […]

Foodie Corner
  • I’m an avid fan and ardent supporter of fresh, whole, organic foods, and I strongly advocate cooking and eating at home. People know this about me. But what many may not know is that I will gladly make an exception for processed food. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. And yes, I do have […]

Green Living
  • By Donna Mazzitelli “It boils down to each individual acknowledging her personal responsibility to conserve water.” This is a quote from last issue’s article, “In-Home Water Conservation.” During these hot summer months, it’s even more essential that we look at the ways we use water, most especially in our yards and gardens. Here are a […]

New Perspectives
  • Excerpt from A Deeper Perspective On Alzheimer’s and other Dementias: Practical Tools with Spiritual Insights by Megan Carnarius, RN, NHA, LMT In this edited excerpt from her book Megan Carnarius advocates for a new perspective of Alzheimer’s disease and finds something positive in the diagnosis for both the patient and their loved ones….. Alzheimer’s as […]

  • by Stacie Ivy For over 5000 years there has been a spiritual longing for our return to inner peace and a deep internal connection to each other and the natural world. Our desire is to feel love intimately, in all its capacity and forms. We want to experience the sacred embrace of the Divine, to […]

  • by Jill Holly “We are born of light, we live in light, we die in light. Everything is made of light. Science has come to this understanding by a very long route.” – Osho It used to be that we were connected to light through nature. Now we no longer spend our daytime hours outside, […]

Monthly Horoscope
  • by Kimmie Rose Zapf What is Vibrational Astrology? We live in a universe of energies where everything is purely vibrational. Kimmie Rose channels her astrological messages this way. Through the vibration of each sun sign, she is able to predict the energy of what will manifest weekly. As each sign travels through specific vibrational […]

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