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  • It seems like just yesterday that we purchased the magazine The Healing Path and eventually converted it to BellaSpark Magazine. Have to admit, there are still times I wonder “What the hell was I thinking?” But all in all, the past eight years have been wonderful. BellaSpark’s mission has always been to provide interesting and […]

  • I started writing BellaSparks for a Monday with the intent to send out a personal message every week. Perhaps you’ve noticed I’ve been a little lax. First it was our annual fundraiser Kristi’s Big Night Out and Golf Tournament that took all my time, then it was wrapping up the fundraiser, then deadlines for the […]

  • Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? It is based on the theory that a small change in one place can result in large differences in another. An example would be when a butterfly flaps its wings in Colorado, a hurricane happens in Miami.The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from […]

Foodie Corner
  • By Jordan Danz Winter in Minnesota can be brutal. The bitterly cold temperatures, the biting winds and the all too frequent snow storms often drive the typical Midwesterner into quasi-hibernation. Now, I don’t mean to imply that we sleep all winter (not that I would mind), but the cold weather forces us to spend more time […]

  • By Alan Roettinger After the holidays are over and the feeding frenzy has died down, most people seem to find a renewed interest in taking good care of themselves, especially their diet. As I like to point out, it really isn’t very complicated. All we need to do is (1) eat a lot of fresh, […]

  • By Katrina Pfannkuch Reducing food waste has a positive impact on the environment and your wallet. To help do your part and keep a few extra pennies in your pocket, try repurposing common food scraps: Turn the heels of stale bread into croutons. Toast them in the oven until crisp then add a drizzle of […]

Green Living
  • By Donna Mazzitelli Once again, it’s a new year, filled with promise, potential, and endless possibilities. This is the perfect time to set intentions and proclaim to the Universe the conscious actions and behaviors we intend to practice or adopt in the new year. What I love about setting intentions is that they represent conscious and […]

  • By Donna Mazzitelli Many people think their computer isn’t using energy because it’s sleeping. Unfortunately, this is more myth than truth. A new study of office computers by the University of California Irvine Plug Load Research Center estimates that computers are actually turned on about 77 percent of the day and don’t “sleep” nearly as […]

  • By Donna Mazzitelli Computers consume a lot of energy. For that reason, it makes sense to use them as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips to reduce your computer energy consumption: Buy a laptop rather than a desktop. A desktop consumes five times as much energy. Switch to an LCD monitor. The old-style CRT […]

New Perspectives
  • By Marcia DeIrueste There is an ancient Chinese myth about the Red Thread of Fate. It says that the gods have tied each one of our ankles with a red thread and attached it to all the people whose lives we are destined to touch. Though the thread may stretch or tangle, it will never […]

  • By Monica Owsicheck Infertility is a condition which affects one in every eight couples. You probably either know of a couple who has struggled with infertility — perhaps a miscarriage, or were unable to get pregnant as planned — or maybe you have been in that situation yourself. Fertility issues can make couples feel like […]

  • By Linda M. Potter Near the top of my 2014 Christmas list was something called a FitBit. It’s all the rage and half the people I know have one. This handy little device encourages you to get fit by tracking your steps, your distance and the number of calories you burn. It even keeps a […]

  • By Mary R. Keane Many of us have an image in our minds of the perfect spiritual being: someone living isolated up on a mountain, swaddled in robes, meditating and praying most of the day, and dispensing wisdom to the few daring souls who trek up to the cave. We blame ourselves for not being […]

  • By Dr. Sue Morter The Law of Attraction is a beautiful principle that many of us already engage with and benefit from. We are blessed to have such influence infiltrating our western cultures. The realization that we play a role in our reality and our entire life experience, to the degree that what we merely […]

  • By Jan Waterman Can you believe in evolution? Technically, you can’t. Evolution is a theory — a well-substantiated explanation of an aspect of the natural world, not something to believe in. Pope Francis recently addressed the theory of evolution at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, explaining that both evolution and the Big Bang theory are […]

  • By Linda M. Potter I met Dr. Noah Kaufman in the Emergency Room in Ft. Collins. It wasn’t a planned encounter. I’d been admitted to the ER with severe abdominal pain and Dr. Noah just happened to be on duty. I instantly recognized him. “I know you — you’re the Ninja Doc!” I blurted out, […]

  • By Ellen Wood Skin is one of the first things we notice in another person and when we look in the mirror. Dry brushing your skin can help you want to look in the mirror. When you dry brush your skin, you work in tandem with your body to get rid of dead skin cells […]

  • BellaSpark is an outspoken supporter of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. But, even though we’ve run articles on dozens of modalities, we’ve rarely offered first-hand reviews of the actual client experience. For 2015, we decided to challenge our staff to seek out new (and, in some cases, “old”) alternative healing modalities that they found interesting. We […]

Monthly Horoscope
  • What is Vibrational Astrology? by Kimmie Rose Zapf We live in a universe of energies where everything is purely vibrational. Kimmie Rose channels her astrological messages this way. Through the vibration of each sun sign, she is able to predict the energy of what will manifest weekly. As each sign travels through specific vibrational frequencies […]

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