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  • It started a year ago, the campaign to Raise the Roof! on The House that Kristi Built: Celebrating Community for Habitat for Humanity. Since that time we have raised a significant portion of the $100,000 needed to build this house, gotten to know our Habitat homeowners William Rodriguez, son William Jr. and daughter Alexis, and […]

  • I have to admit, I was hoping and praying that on 2012 I would wake up the next day and the world would be a kinder, gentler place. I was tired of the violence, the drama, the sadness. I wanted to experience love and peace and joy and perfection. I wanted that unconditional love those […]

  • It’s true. We live in a Multidimensional Universe I have had the opportunity to work with many of the world’s top visionaries and have learned much over the years from these wonderful people. But, I would like to introduce you to my greatest teachers: my grandchildren. They understand this concept better than anyone I know. […]

Foodie Corner
  • By Alan Roettinger Among the unexpected delights of having a career in food is the near-constant discovery of new foods and flavors. Even after more than thirty years, I still come across an unknown fruit, vegetable, grain, legume, herb or spice from time to time. I’ve gone through periods where work overwhelmed me, when I […]

  • By Alan Roettinger Who doesn’t want to be healthy? It’s central to our sense of well-being that our bodies function well and support our activities.  Most people intuitively understand what it takes to build and maintain a healthy body. It’s not complicated: eat right, exercise regularly, get rest. There is a little more to it […]

  • By Alan Roettinger Each of us has a dish or dishes that might be called “comfort foods,” that relax, calm and heal us. Sometimes the situations we go through wear down even the best of us to the point where we feel bone-weary and ground down to our core. When this happens, certain foods have […]

Green Living
  • Recycling as a concept isn’t new, but the current recycling rate is only about 34.7 percent, which means there is room for improvement. While people may be used to recycling staples like cans, bottles and food scraps, here are a few surprising items you can add to the recycling list. Running Shoes: The Nike “Reuse […]

  • By Donna Mazzitelli The production version of the pedal/electric Smart bicycle was debuted at this year’s Detroit Auto Show carrying a $2950 price tag. The Smart bicycle is an EV (electric vehicle) powered by an easily-removable battery (so you can charge it in your home or office) and a rear-mounted “Smart Drive” electric motor. The […]

  • By Katrina Pfannkuch The bulk aisle in any grocery store can feel very overwhelming. There are so many choices and you want to be sure to use ingredients effectively in your meals while also saving money. These are some good starter reasons to “dig” the bulk food aisle, but here are a few more: • […]

New Perspectives
  • By Cheryl Parker For a nation that claims to be a melting pot of people, the United States has a surprisingly small amount of religious diversity. Seventy-eight percent of Americans identify as Christian, and the next largest group of adherents claims to be “Unaffiliated” with any religion. These numbers are much lower than the regions […]

  • By Cheryl Parker An Iranian composer, singer and musician is bridging the East-West divide through music and the timeless poetry of Rumi. Hafez Nazeri has been influenced by the poet’s philosophy since he was three years old. He was taught music and philosophy by his Kurdish Sufi family, especially his father, renowned Iranian vocalist Shahram […]

  • By Barb Warner If you are in the second half of life you may have questions about why you are here. Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” What is it you came here to do? This may […]

  • By Cheryl Parker A 107 year old nun in Italy has some words of wisdom to share on how to live a long, happy and fulfilled life. Sister Candida Bellotti is believed to be the oldest living nun in the world. She joined the Camillian nuns more than eighty years ago, a decision she says […]

  • By Dawn Todd More and more, women are being tapped for prominent positions in politics, government and business. In the last six months, GM appointed their first female CEO, following the lead of PepsiCo, IBM, HP and DuPont, who all have women at the helm as CEO. And the appointment of Janet Helm as first […]

  • By Martha Moore & Lori Rock Most of us on planet earth have wondered, “Why am I here?” Many cultures and religions use creation stories to explain our existence. These stories depict humans as having somehow “fallen from grace,” living in a world of strife because we are not good enough nor are we One […]

  • By Katrina Pfannkuch Every organ in the body may seem constantly “on,” when in fact, each organ has certain periods of the day when it is most active. During each 12-hour period, all of our active energy is dedicated to one specific organ at a time for a total of two hours. At the opposite […]

  • By Katrina Pfannkuch Kale is the new veggie buzzword, so how are you adding it to your diet? Fresh, frozen, steamed, cooked? Kale and other cruciferous vegetables including cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, turnips and collard greens contain isothiocyanates which may block an enzyme in the thyroid and prevent the body from processing the iodine it […]

  • By Rachel Philippe It is a Sunday morning and I need something. What I need, I’m not quite sure; something of substance, something connecting, something fortifying to help me on my path through life. I walk into an enormous fencing studio in Culver City, Los Angeles, filled to standing room only with flowing, sweaty bodies […]

Monthly Horoscope
  • Vibrational Astrology – June Horoscope by Kimmie Rose Zapf What is Vibrational Astrology? We live in a universe of energies where everything is purely vibrational. Kimmie Rose channels her astrological messages this way. Through the vibration of each sun sign, she is able to predict the energy of what will manifest weekly. As each sign […]

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