Donna's Blog
  • I have often said that my grandchildren are my greatest teachers. That was never so true as last fall when I realized my grandson Drew was showing me how the world works once again. “Nana,” Drew says in his phone call to me. “I don’t have school on Friday.” That always means he wants me […]

Foodie Corner
  • by Jordan Danz I think that winter vegetables get a bad rap. They are eaten more out of necessity than desire because our selection severely dwindles as the temperatures drop. Spring, summer and early fall bring a large selection of bright, colorful and fresh tasting fruits and vegetables. They are vibrant and delicious but temporary. […]

Green Living
  • Research. For starters, look into where the products come from, and then dig deeper into what that industry may be doing behind the scenes. Look for the labels. If something is fair trade, organic, locally sourced, etc., it will almost always have some kind of label or sticker. Wants vs. needs. A big part of […]

New Perspectives
  • by Donna Visocky You have been here before, a part of the circle of life on this planet earth for eons and eons. You are the players, the game changers, the creators. You have seen and experienced much, yet you still return, for there is nowhere else in the Universe such as this. Some may […]

  • by Katherine Skaggs Nine years ago I stumbled across the shamanic path in search of healing after a shocking event in my life. Though I had been on a deep spiritual, mystical path for over 20 years already, something different was in need. My inner yearning led me to a four-day healing retreat in New […]

  • by Nick Kidawski Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend… Experiencing the loss of a loved one… Wanting to follow your heart, but… Have you been through one or more of these in the past? If so, maybe you feel an emotional heaviness in your chest as if your heart is breaking. It can be […]

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